How It Works

Stabilix utilizes locking and damping mechanisms in a single hinge to provide complete stabilization of the user’s tremors. The hinge works in tandem with a nerve pressure-stimulator inside an arm cuff to stifle an incoming tremor’s intensity. This unique combination makes our product different from competitors. Our device’s material makes it lightweight and portable. The easy-to-use knob for the hinge allows the user to independently operate the device and adjust the setting to their comfort. Finally, our product will be affordably priced when compared to competitors. Future development of Stabilix and its technology will lead to more products focused on stabilizing tremors in other extremities or targeting older-aged patients.

Our Competitors

Stabilix is user-friendly. We strive to provide patients independence, comfort, and ease of use while allowing them to set their own levels of damping for that best suits their own individual needs.