Move-D was developed as a humanitarian effort to help one young patient with an uncommon form of cerebral palsy. Our product provides an orthotic solution for upper-extremity support that can be adapted to stabilize tremors in other pediatric patients.


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Our Mission

Our company strives to improve the quality of life for children diagnosed with ataxic cerebral palsy. To accomplish this, we have created an orthotic that is lightweight, adjustable, and portable to dampen upper extremity tremors.

Why Choose Us

Stabilix is going to be a breakthrough device on the market as there are no other devices specifically designed for ataxic cerebral palsy patients in mind. The mere fact that this is being developed directly with a pediatric patient, one of the hardest patient populations to design for due to need for adjustability and comfort, is astounding. The Move-D team behind Stabilix is a group of dynamic student engineers who truly care about the population of patients they are designing for.

- Sharief Taraman, M.D. Division Chief of the CHOC Children’s Specialists Pediatric Neurology Division

You should choose Move-D and the Stabilix Brace Device because it has helped my son Dylan tremendously. Until now, Dylan would not write his notes in class, write out his math problems, or participate in science class due to his tremors and felt isolated until he got his brace. Now that his arm is stabilized, we can read his writing for the first time in eleven years! Plus, the Move-D Team has been such a pleasure to work with. Every member made Dylan feel confident and included in the process, validating his input and making him feel like an important member of the team.

- McKenzie Law Patient's Mother